Can Kier Byrnes fit through a cat door?

For no particular reason, some of the Kier Byrnes Freedom Runners recently tried to crawl through a cat door. This is why everyone needs the Internet.

Kier tries to find out whether it can be done:

PJ proves it can be done:

Kathleen shows how it’s done!

Celebrating 100 Tuesday runs

We will be celebrating our 100th weekly Tuesday run on November 12! We have had people running out of Atwood’s and now Courtside every Tuesday starting in November of 2011. Courtside will be providing pizza and Karaoke via Mark The Shark, and there will be a special video presentation featuring the new Freedom Song. We will walk from Courtside to the fountain by the Cambridgeside Galleria to start the run, with a celebration at Courtside Karaoke postrun. Please sign up on the Facebook event page to help us get a headcount.