After select Tuesday runs, we collect donations in the Freedom Jar to benefit various worthy causes, chosen from the theme of the run or based on suggestions from our members. Below are some of the charities that we’ve supported recently. Click on the charities’ names to learn more about them or to make additional donations.

Greater Boston Food Bank $400 11/18/2014
Dana-Farber Women’s Cancers: Breast Cancer Fund $150 11/12/2014
American Brain Tumor Association $164.80 10/1/2014
Granara-Skerry Trust – Pancreatic Cancer $145 9/23/2014
ASPCA $135 7/14/2014
OneFund Boston $513 7/10/2014
Alzheimer’s Disease via Margie Steele Foundation $250 7/8/2014
Prostate Cancer Foundation $462 4/10/2014
Lieutenant Walsh – Firefighter Kennedy Memorial Fund $200 4/2/2014
Wounded Warrior Project $415 2/3/2014
Breast Cancer Fund $400 11/29/2013