About Us

On Tuesday, December 10, we’ll be running from The Rising in Cambridge. See the calendar for details.

Join us for this Sunday for a run from Slumbrew!

The Kier Byrnes Freedom Runners have been running for freedom and beer in the Boston area since 2007. We welcome runners of all speeds.

You might have seen our “Follow me to the beer!” shirts at races, where we try to keep up some club traditions while celebrating after the race.

Since 2011, we’ve been getting together for weekly group runs from bars, currently scheduled for every Tuesday night at various bars and most Sunday mornings (depending on race schedules) in Somerville.

Disclaimer: By running with us, you are automatically agreeing to run at your own risk. This includes the regular Tuesday and Sunday runs where we meet up and run as well as any other races and events that you complete on your own. Be alert, obey traffic laws and stay safe!